With more than a decade of experience, IQNet Ltd is a professional body providing auditing, certification and training services to support sustainability-focused organizations

About IQNet Ltd

With more than a decade of experience, IQNet Ltd is a professional body providing auditing, certification and training services to support sustainability-focused organisations worldwide in pursuing their management commitment and objectives in this field.


IQNet Ltd certified organizations benefit from:


Enhanced business performance through competent and value adding assessment services, based on harmonized certification processes;


Innovation and market differentiation through access to a growing number of unique and specialist products and services;


Global certification capabilities managed centrally and delivered locally through the expansive yet harmonized network of authorized representatives;


IQNet Ltd certificates and marks providing international credentials towards recognition and market access.


IQNet Ltd was founded in 2005 by IQNet Association – The International Certification Network with the purpose of acting as an independent body for unique, specialist and industry specific solutions. At the same time, IQNet Ltd powers the innovative services developed by IQNet Association by bringing the business solutions to the market, ensuring the harmonized deployment framework and monitoring the high level service fulfillment.


Since 2007, IQNet Ltd is successfully accredited for SA8000 social responsibility management systems certifications and is one of the most prominent certification providers worldwide.


In 2009, IQNet Ltd formalized its cooperation with Service Allergie Suisse becoming an accredited body for providing allergen management auditing services for the aha! Label.


In 2011, IQNet Ltd in cooperation with IQNet Association have set the grounds of the SR 10 standard with requirements for the management system of those organisations willing to implement the ISO 26000 principles. Since its launch, SR 10 was approached and adopted with an increased interest by organisations for stating, demonstrating and proving their responsibility towards their corporate social culture and practices towards stakeholders.


In 2013, IQNet Ltd joined Sedex in its initiative for managing ethical performance and promoting responsible sourcing. Currently we are one of Sedex’ Affiliate Auditing Bodies.  We also support Sedex stakeholders with the provision of licensed SMETA Auditor workshops.


2013, was also the year when the service range was expanded with BCM - Business Continuity Management systems audit and certification.


In 2015, IQNet Ltd launched the training framework of IQNet Academy, allowing professional and organisations around the world to benefit from a harmonized training experience and become part of a broader global community.


Some years ago, the IQNet Auditor Competence Scheme (ACS) was launched aiming to assist IQNet Ltd and IQNet Partners on their efforts to consolidate and demonstrate 3rd party auditor qualification. Although the initial focus was on the competence needed IQNet Ltd products, a wider and differentiated approach was later identified as necessary, notably to include registration of independent auditors (e.g. as internal auditors).


Operating according to the international standards for certification bodies and with a consolidated experience in corporate governance, IQNet Ltd currently provides various specialist assessment services.


Working through our network of local representatives and with a pool of highly qualified and experienced auditors, IQNet Ltd is the reliable certification and assessment partner for organisations across the world.