Our Commitment to Ethical Business

In IQNet Ltd we are committed to undertake our activities in such a manner as to ensure the highest levels of professionalism, fairness, honesty and transparency and prevent receiving or offering bribery in all its forms. This is reflected in every aspect of our operations, activities and at all levels of our organization.


Our policy as a certification body is to comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing anti-bribery and corruption, in all countries where we operate. We have a “zero tolerance” approach to acts of bribery and corruption, by ensuring that no bribes or corrupt payments are made, offered (outbound),  sought or obtained (inbound) either by IQNet Ltd management or personnel or by anyone acting on our behalf.


Through the establishment of gifts, hospitality and other benefits criteria, strictly forbidding any situation which are intended to influence, or could reasonably be perceived to influence a tender or other decision in favour of IQNet Ltd, implementing appropriate financial and non-financial control procedures, IQNet Ltd aims to comply with legal and ethical obligations and to support our commitment to integrity, transparency and credibility.


On the other side, IQNet Ltd management or personnel or anyone acting on our behalf shall not solicit, accept or facilitate any form of benefit or value, including currency, goods, services, entertainment, meals or transport from any party, directly or indirectly related to an IQNet Ltd social compliance or social management system service. As it is not possible to always understand the motivation or rationality of the individual providing the benefit or value, there is no minimum threshold (acceptable value) for any items received.


We established anti-bribery and corruption related communication channels and responsibilities, available for those who, in good faith or on the basis of a reasonable belief, wish to report or raise a concern about attempted, actual or suspected bribery or breaches of IQNet anti-bribery policy.


Confidentiality will be assured throughout the communication/detection and investigation process and we will strive for the protection of reporter/complainant and other involved, as “zero tolerance” is also applicable regarding any retaliation issue.


This policy is applicable to IQNet Ltd management, committee members and personnel, either directly employed or acting on behalf of IQNet Ltd (including auditors, trainers, technical specialists, translators, observers, etc.). This policy extends to all IQNet Ltd operations, including operations conducted by any IQNet Ltd Representatives offices, subsidiaries and personnel in connection to the services under the scope of the signed Representative Agreement.


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