IQNet Ltd SA8000 certification provides independent assurance and confidence that an organisation’s social accountability management system has been effectively implemented.


IQNet Ltd Capabilities


•   Global coverage using local resources

•   Qualified auditing resources, proficient in regional labour laws and local languages

•   Global accreditation through Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS)

•   IQNet Ltd certificate grants to its customers the right to use the IQNet Ltd exclusive registered mark to demonstrate successful achievement and maintenance of certification.


Certification Process Overview


Application: An application is signed and the certification planning process is initiated.


Pre-Visit: This service is optional and can facilitate the subsequent certification process.


SA8000 Database Registration and Profile completion: As a requirement of the SA8000 program, the company registration in SAI Database and completion of a brief profile is needed.


SA8000 Management System Self-Assessment: Before proceeding with the certification audit, the Self-Assessment is completed in SAI Database. This will assist the organization to measure and rate its social performance and drive continual improvement.


Certification Audit: Two Stage Process


Stage 1 - System readiness review which can identify omissions or opportunities for improvement prior to the Stage 2 audit. An SA8000 Management System Maturity Declaration is performed independently by IQNet Ltd team leader based on the same criteria as the Self-Assessment.


Stage 2 - Full system assessment to verify conformance of the management system to the requirements of SA8000:2014 and the related Performance Indicator Annex.  Also includes the SA8000 Management System Maturity Declaration.


Upon successful completion of the certification audit, the IQNet Ltd SA8000 Certificate of Conformity will be issued for a three-year license period.


Surveillance Audits: Periodic surveillance audits will be conducted to ensure that effective implementation of the management system is being maintained. Also include the SA8000 Management System Maturity Declaration for quantifying the management system development.


Re-Certification Audit: The certificate is valid for a maximum period of three years and is renewable upon re-certification. Requires a new SA8000 Management System Self-Assessment prior to the audit and a Maturity Declaration during the audit. 


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