IQNet Ltd SMETA assessment provides independent assurance and confidence on the progress in the implementation of an organisation’s ethical and socially responsible practices.


IQNet Ltd Capabilities:


•   Global coverage using local resources

•   Qualified auditing resources, proficient in regional labor laws and local languages

•  Upload of the audit reports in Sedex Advance Platform and follow-up of the improvement initiatives


Audit Process Overview:


Application: An application is signed and the audit planning process is initiated.


Audit Request Initiation: The audit request is launched in Sedex Advance.


On-site Audit: Full system assessment to verify conformance of the organisation systems, policies, procedures and practices with SMETA requirements.


Audit Report Upload in Sedex Platform: Upon the completion of the SMETA audit, the audit report and related corrective action plan report are uploaded in Sedex Advance.


Audit Follow-up: Follow-up of the organisation’s corrections and corrective actions to address any identified weaknesses. Can be done through a desktop review of the evidence provided by the organisation in Sedex Advance or through an on-site visit.


Regular Audits: Periodic audits will be conducted to ensure that effective implementation of the SMETA requirements is being maintained.


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  • 30.06.2022

    Sedex aiming for continual improvement

    Starting May 2022, and with the aim of continual improvement, SMETA audits will be accessible only to Sedex members. Should an organization be interested or required to undergo a SMETA audit, as a first step, it will be necessary to become a Sedex member and activate their account on the Sedex platform (fees apply). More information about the process and benefits of becoming a Sedex member, can be found on Sedex Website at