SR 10 certification is deployed by IQNET SR 10 Representatives and provides independent assurance and confidence that an organisation’s social responsibility management system has been effectively implemented.


This confidence is enhanced through IQNET Representatives' global presence, dominance, credibility and reputation in management systems certification.


Although the SR 10 specification is publicly available, the SR 10 certification scheme is supported by IQNET Association certification rules and monitored by IQNet Ltd. As scheme owner, IQNET Association recognizes only SR 10 certificates which are complying with these established rules, namely to be issued by an authorized IQNet Representative.


Audit Process Overview


Application: An application is signed and the certification planning process is initiated.


Pre-Visit: This service is optional and can facilitate the subsequent certification process.


Certification Audit: Two Stage Process


Stage 1 - System readiness review which can identify omissions or opportunities for improvement prior to the Stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 - Full system assessment to verify conformance of the management system to the requirements of SR 10.


After the successful completion of the certification process, confirming the compliance of the social responsibility management system implemented with SR 10 requirements, your organisation will be granted:


•  The SR 10 Certification of compliance for the Social Responsibility Management System, issued by the certifying  body(IQNet Ltd Representative)

•  The IQNET SR 10 Partner Certificate of compliance for the Social Responsibility Management System

•  The IQNET SR 10 Certificate, internationally recognized by leading international certification bodies

•  The usage license for the IQNET SR 10 Social Responsibility Management System certification mark of the certifier and for the SR 10 Recognition Mark of IQNet Ltd.


Surveillance Audits: Periodic surveillance audits will be conducted to ensure that effective implementation of the management system is being maintained.


Re-Certification Audit: The certificate is valid for a maximum period of three years and is renewable upon re-certification.


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